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Ready... Go! (Sports) Ltd. is committed to providing creative and scalable solutions for every customer. We know that each customer is different, which is why all of our services can be easily customized. Learn more about what we offer below and give us a call if you have any questions, or if you’d like to meet with one of our team members.



VX was described by the BBC World Service as ‘the best sport you’ve never heard of’. It is a fast-growing sport. VX originated in Yorkshire in 2006 and in the short time since then has gained a foothold in 25 countries with 15 official National Governing Bodies.

With its core values of Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship and Respect VX is a sport that is very family focussed. It can be played recreationally or competitively and for those who want to, there is a pathway right through to international competition

VX is played in clubs, schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres, the armed forces, prisons, and youth groups. It is also a popular attraction at community events, too

Mixed participation, for all ages. Ingredients are a cross between hockey, lacrosse, basque pelota, and dodgeball.



Like VX, yBall is also mixed participation, for all ages. Ingredients are American Football, Netball. yBall is a non-contact version of American Football. BUT, with many innovative modernisations, you must play it to fully appreciate its creative diversity.

We are attempting to achieve Sport England’s aspirations of a greater participation in the proportion of individuals aged up to 18 years old. Sport England state that 62% of people aged 14+ are physically inactive and we feel yBall can make a difference at any level with our inclusive gender/ages and style of game play. A local and fresh twist to the sporting norm.



Crossminton (also called Speed Badminton or Speedminton) is a racquet sport, an outdoor version of Badminton, predominantly played individually between two players.

The sport has its origin from badminton, with modifications to make it suitable for playing in outdoor conditions.

The sport was invented in 2001 in Berlin. It is played without any net and has no prescribed playground, so it can be executed on tennis courts, streets, beaches, fields, or gyms.

Crossminton is the only sport we have the whole of England to develop as we have reached a special agreement with the International Crossminton Association. A hybrid of badminton, squash, and tennis.



Catchball is a team sport derived from volleyball in which the ball is caught and thrown rather than hit. The sport was started in Israel and was designed to be a simple version of volleyball for women to play. It was originally developed in Israel for women to become more active and socialise afterwards. It is now one of the most popular sports in Israel played by female adults It is like Volleyball. This is exactly what the younger generations today.

uk wallball5.jpg


UK Wallball has been around for some time. The beauty of the sport is its simplicity and accessibility. You can start playing within in a minute and it is fantastic way to get active by having fun. Perfect for break time at school or as a springboard sport into other sports and activities.

Wallball is very accessible and can be played anywhere, anytime… all you need is a wall and a ball. Simple as that!

As there is no line or net to hit the ball over, a common tactic is to aim at the nick of the wall where it meets the floor.

A Wallball court can be marked out on any flat wall. You hit the ball against the wall with your hands and it must land in the court, then you continue the rally until the ball cannot be returned onto the wall or bounces more than once or out. 

A standard wallball ball (virtually identical to a racquetball). Gloves are by no means essential and are a matter of preference, but specialist handball gloves do provide increased grip

We think this is a great sport for the young people an ideal urban sport where the walls can be graffitied. All you need is a ball and a wall. Use your hands to hit the ball. Like Gaelic Handball, Chinese handball, Pêl-Law (Welsh handball) and American handball.

Each sport will get you active, socialise and improve your health and wellbeing.

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