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Hi Pete, 
I just wanted to say you were fab, and I had a couple of teachers grab me when I was walking around, to say, how great they thought VX and delivery was!

Emma Nichol, School Games Organiser/SSP Manager

'Excellent. Very worthwhile'.

'Innovative, hands-on presentation'.

'Presenters made it easy to understand'.

'Full involvement from all participants'.

'Opportunity to offer greater flexibility in the curriculum'.

'Excellent for integration of disaffected children'.

'Excellent for motivating girls'.

Feedback from various Teachers

'I'm from OFSTED. I was in a school a couple of weeks ago and the were raving about VX'.

OFSTED Delegate

It was great fun and I can see young people enjoying the sport.

Shahzana, Young Asian Voices

'It was brilliant, fun to play, and such a brilliant idea for inclusive physical sport. Every school should play'.

Rachael MacKenzie

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